Press Release

Alex Kolodin Announces Campaign for State House


SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. – Alex Kolodin, a proven champion for transparency, accountability, and accessibility, announced yesterday his decision to run for a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives.

Kolodin’s announcement follows many requests he has received from residents of LD23, seeking a candidate committed to fairness, freedom, and fiscal responsibility.
Kolodin, founder of the Kolodin Law Group, has proven that no matter how hot it gets, he will “never back down for Arizona.”

“The people of my district are looking for leadership that will really fight for them, that will look for solutions, not excuses. They are frustrated that they put people in office to represent them and then those people seem to almost go out of their way not to fight for them.”

As an attorney, Alex began fighting in court for election integrity in 2014 and has been involved in some of Arizona’s biggest election integrity cases and the defense of Arizona’s audit. Most recently, he pushed back on the Biden administration’s overreach in Scottsdale around the ICE hotel conversion.

“Arizona faces some worthy fights,” said Kolodin. “Will we become California? How will we protect our state against open border policies? Will our leaders stand for our freedoms despite increasing pressure from the well-financed left or cave and undermine them? Will Arizona businesses recover from government-imposed lockdowns? Will Arizona continue to lead the nation for school options? Will we have the water resources we need for the decades to come? The direction we take will depend on our leadership.”

For Kolodin, the future of the state – and country – is personal. “I just had a son. I want the best for him. I’m also a former history teacher. I know how republics fall – slowly, then all at once. Will my son have a free republic to grow up in? My reason for fighting just got stronger.”

Kolodin announced a comprehensive platform focused on free and fair elections, secure borders, safe communities, constitutional freedoms, lower taxes, quality education, and a stable water supply.

“I never back down. From the time I was a kid, I’ve been drawn to challenges. I like a worthy fight,” Kolodin reminisced. “As an attorney, I’ve jumped into some of the most controversial fights at great personal risk. I will bring that same fight and my legal expertise to the Arizona legislature to transform conservative intent into lasting results.”

Alex is a Scottsdale resident, husband, and brand-new father.