On the Issues

Secure Borders, Safe Communities

Alex will protect Arizona’s southern border and oppose sanctuary cities.

The Biden administration will not protect Arizona’s border. As a member of the state house, Alex helped lead the charge to place Texas-style border legislation on the 2024 ballot and the national guard on our border, not foreign shores. He also supported a successful budget amendment that increased the resources supplied to the border strike force. Alex believes that we must finish the wall and supports providing private landowners who wish to help with the project with receive tax credits for their important public service. Local ordinances that get in the way must be nullified. The border isn’t the only front where public safety is at stake. As your state representative, Alex will make sure that first responders like his brother receive our legislature's full support. Arizona has been Alex’s home nearly all his life and he believes that safe communities are vital to the Arizona economy and educational system. Arizona families deserve to live, work, and grow together in communities free of fear. Our police officers, firefighters, EMTs and others are on the front line, keeping our communities safe. We must have their back.

Lower Taxes

A free and open economy is the best economy for Arizona.

Our continued economic growth will require the lowering of taxes, elimination of harmful regulations that prevent business growth, and adoption of responsible budgeting practices that will keep Arizona on the path to long-term economic prosperity.

In the legislature Alex has fought for lower taxes and voted in favor of the legislature’s successful effort to eliminate inflation-causing taxes on housing. He, along with the rest of the Freedom Caucus, was also instrumental in returning excess government money to the people - securing the first tax rebate in decades for Arizona families.

Alex will continue to work to move government out of the way of business so our economy can thrive, Arizonans can earn a good living, and Arizona families can enjoy a better quality of life. He will continue the fight to eliminate the state income tax and to lower the price of gasoline by removing regulations on the blends of gas that can be sold to Arizona motorists so excessive that not even the EPA requires them.

He is proud to hold a perfect 100% lifetime rating by the Arizona Free Enterprise Club. Alex’s voting record has also earned him a 100% rating from EZAZ’s scorecard tracking legislators’ votes on inflation-fighting measures.

Free and Fair Elections

As a lawyer, Alex has been on the front lines of the fight to ensure our elections are free and fair. He has never backed down even when that meant putting his career, business, and personal safety on the line and has continued that fight in the legislature.

In the legislature, Alex has been a warrior for election integrity. He authored a budget amendment imposing a higher level of accountability on Democrat Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, which includes the requirement that he secure legislative approval before spending any federal funds. He was also a proud co-sponsor of the proposal to ban Ranked Choice Voting, which will appear on the 2024 ballot and led the charge to kill a “zombie” bill that would have gutted Arizona’s few remaining signature verification requirements.

Alex believes it is time to return to the principles that served our state and nation well for so many years. Votes should primarily be cast in-person on election day with appropriate accommodations for the elderly, disabled, and those who will be out of town. And the law should be clarified to empower counties to conduct 100% hand count audits of every election.

Water Supply

Alex will continue to use conservative principles to help ensure that Arizona has a stable long-term water supply to power its continued economic growth.

Socialism leads to shortages as surely as night follows day. Alex’s top priority with water is to transition Arizona’s water system from one built on central planning to one built on free market principles. He has been using his expertise negotiating complex deals for clients to monitor and advise Arizona’s negotiating team – helping ensure that Arizona doesn’t get the short end of the stick in the next round of water negotiations with neighboring states like California.

This prior term, Alex spearheaded the effort to include a Texas-style brackish groundwater desalinization pilot program, in the state budget. He plans to keep building upon this effort so that our state can begin to tap into its 200 year supply of brackish groundwater. He also solved the Rio Verde Water Crisis, restoring water to the people of Rio Verde Foothills when nobody else could. He did this by creating something that nobody else had ever thought of – a temporary, voluntary, government entity, to short circuit Arizona’s arcane water regulations and serve as a conduit between willing private sector companies and those who wish to purchase their water. Freedom works!


Alex will protect your constitutional rights - the right to speak and act according to your conscience, and the Second Amendment.

No issue is as close to Alex’s heart as fighting back against the weaponization of the justice system against conservative activists. He led the successful charge to defund two units at the AG’s office that Democrat Kris Mayes had announced she was repurposing to crack down on free speech and constitutional rights and continues to push to fully ban political prosecutions in Arizona.

Our right to speak isn’t just being infringed by elected officials on the left. Tech companies use public land and infrastructure to conduct their business, and then abuse the public’s trust by using the resources provided by taxpayers to suppress conservative viewpoints. Just as states like Florida have done, Arizona must allow citizens to challenge such behavior in court and must never provide state subsidies, tax breaks, or contracts to companies that suppress free speech. As chair of the Arizona House’s Oversight committee, Alex led an investigation into collusion between big tech and government officials to suppress free speech and is introducing legislation to address these practices.

Alex will also prioritize freedom of conscience. He was proud to co-sponsor a ballot referral which will allow voters like you to limit the power of governors to declare endless states of emergency and rule by executive fiat. He also sponsored a bill to crack down on medical kidnapping and executed the proper strategic maneuvers to get Hobbs to actually sign it. He will continue to oppose efforts to mandate vaccines, masks, or vaccine passports or to force business owners to violate their conscience.

Everyone deserves to be able to protect themselves, their families and their homes. This is a fundamental human right that cannot be compromised. A free society is a well-educated and well-armed society. As your state representative, Alex will continue to work to keep Arizona a top state in the country for gun owners by opposing all infringements on our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Alex will oppose red flag laws and advance legislation that prevents state resources from being used for federal gun control efforts. He believes that the Second Amendment means it when it says “Shall not be infringed!” Alex is a member of the Arizona Citizens’ Defense League and is proud to hold a perfect 100% rating from the Republican Liberty Caucus and the highest possible rating from the NRA.


Life is an Arizona value. Without the right to life, all other freedoms are null.

Alex is unequivocally pro-life and was proud to be named one of the five biggest threats to Arizona Democrats’ radical pro-abortion agenda by NARAL Pro-Choice America while receiving perfect marks from the Center for Arizona Policy for his pro-life voting record. He will not only advocate for the preborn and vote against pro-abortion measures, but use his legal skills to fight for an effective pro-life agenda, including by continuing to push for the legislature to defend Arizona’s pro-life legislation from the left’s ceaseless attacks on life. He will never vote to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) which would create a constitutional right to abortion and void many state and federal laws that restrict access to abortion. Our most vulnerable need a voice and Alex will take a leading role when it comes to protecting them. If not us, who?

Quality Education

Education is everything when it comes to Arizona’s future prosperity.

Alex will advance the quality of education by continuing Arizona’s leadership in school choice and by allocating education dollars so more money makes its way into the classroom.

Alex was a teacher, his wife is a teacher, and he grew up with a mother who was a teacher.

He experienced the importance of school choice first-hand at a young age. Alex says he was a difficult student early on, but his mother was able to choose a school where he could learn and excel.

Arizona is blessed to be a national leader in school choice. Alex is committed to making sure that each family can send their children to a school that works for them. For some families the school that works for them may not be a school at all but their home or that of a neighbor. Alex will work to end our education system’s discrimination against homeschooling families by ensuring that they have access to the same education dollars as other families to help support them in educating Arizona’s next generation.

As your state representative, Alex has worked to defend Arizona’s ESA program so that parents have a choice where to send their children to school. Alex will continue to work to make sure that our local district schools are spending their money in the classroom, where it belongs, and make it easier for our schools to implement individualized learning strategies. He will also stand strong against attempts to indoctrinate students in hateful ideologies like critical race theory.

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