Alex doesn’t just talk - he takes action.

Election Integrity

  • More transparency.

    Alex has been in the legal trenches for election integrity since 2014. The first case of the Kolodin Law Group was brought on behalf of a bipartisan coalition in Santa Cruz county to ensure public access to election data the county was hiding. Election integrity won!

  • Stopping political favoritism in elections.

    Alex fought back when Camp Verde tried to cancel a recall election to protect incumbents - and he won!

  • Halted Fontes “cross-out” instruction manual.

    Before the 2020 election, Alex won a huge case at the Arizona Supreme Court against Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes. He had printed and sent voting instructions telling Arizonans they could cross out votes without spoiling their ballots, an illegal action that would have thrown the counting and recounting efforts into havoc and left major loopholes for abuse and fraud. Election integrity won!

  • Filed first election integrity lawsuit in Arizona.

    Filed in partnership with a former member of Trump’s election integrity commission. While the ruling was not in our favor, the lawsuit was influential in turning the tide of public opinion. Before the lawsuit, most voters thought proponents were crazy. Today, due in large part to that early evidence presented in court - 51% of Americans (of both parties) believe cheating likely affected the election results.

  • Represented Trump’s electors.

    The evidence collected during that trial was used by Congress to decide whether to accept the results of the election - and was a large reason why so many members of Congress objected to the results.

  • Represented the AZ GOP.

    Represented the AZ GOP in amicus briefs filed in lawsuits over the legislature’s subpoena and enforcement of it. Election integrity won!

  • Defended the audit team.

    Defended the audit team (Cyber Ninjas) when the Democrats tried to stop the audit in court. Election integrity won and the audit continues!

Border Security

  • Fought back against the Biden Administrations' illegal scheme to turn a Scottsdale hotel into an ICE detention center.

    Alex represented a realtor who lives next to the hotel in question, explaining to the court that the Biden Administration was violating local law and principles of federalism, overstepping separation of powers, and acting contrary to the interests of the people of Scottsdale.

  • Represents and is a member of a large Arizona-based Second Amendment advocacy group.

Parents' rights

  • Member of board of Arizona School Choice Trust

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